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8 tricks that women use to atract your boyfriend !

If something is very true is that you must always take care of your boyfriend of those girls “lagartonas” with their charms and manipulations are able to seduce even the most good guy.
Women who only want to see the world burn, are able to just give themselves a habiton to cause a problem in a stable couple. Do you know any?

To be aware and take your precautions, you must identify which of your boyfriend’s “friends” have these characteristics … These are the 8 infallible tricks that these girls use to lower boyfriends Pay attention and stay alert!

8.- He pretends to be your friend:

So is. Unfortunately the level of intelligence of these girls should not be underestimated, because the betrayal can come from who less imagine it. These “viboras” will pass for your friend to stop suspecting and thus attack at the moment you least expect it. Yes, they are professionals.

7.- Does things to compare with the girlfriend:

In a very subtle way, this girl will do everything possible to be noticed before his eyes, doing things that suggest they are better at things that the boyfriend is interested in. They are very skilled in this, they will say comments like “how boring” or “how bitter” and they will follow the wave to the boyfriend making it seem that they have a lot in common.

6.- Play with the boyfriend’s mind:

Let it be clear to you that they are manipulative experts. They will do everything possible to make the boyfriend doubt their relationship, manipulating words and actions, will try to destabilize the relationship, putting ideas in the head of both, but especially of him, his main victim.

5.- Analyze the bride very well:

These girls are true experts in the art of observation, so they will identify what the bride does that the boyfriend does not like and she will do the opposite, sending a clear message of superiority.

4.- Fixes more than normal:

If you notice that in the presence of your boyfriend, that girl is arranged more than usual, always trying to look better than you Do not doubt it! That “lizard” is entering your boy’s mind, seducing him little by little.

3.- He has a lot of physical contact:

It is no accident, physical contact is a way to show interest, taste and attraction. So if this girl touches your lover very much, even if she does it in a very “casual” and “natural” way, do not confess! She tries to send another message.

2.- flirt subtly:

His flirting range from an intense but “innocent” look, to things like helping him to adjust the bra straps. Seriously, intimate details like this are ideal to create a different emotional and physical bond.

1.- Knows how to take advantage of its charms:

These girls know what are the parts of their body that attract men, and because of that, they know how to show them, and they always take care of it. She will make sure your boyfriend notices, no matter what the cost. No matter what you have to do, you are capable of anything! So take your precautions and learn to identify these lizard, because they will not touch the heart to attack, and are always willing to do so.

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