CDI now offering ground-breaking 3D mammography to patients

The Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) in Vineland, announced that they are now offering 3D mammography to their patients. 3D mammography significantly improves the way breast cancer is detected and diagnosed.

“We expect it to help us detect more breast cancer, especially more early small-invasive breast cancer,” said Dr. Ernesto Go of CDI who has nearly 40 years of mammography experience. “3D mammography is the most significant development in breast cancer detection in four decades.”

3D mammography is a technological breakthrough that is detecting more cancer with less recalls. New studies published by The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) and The American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR) report that 3D Mammography finds as much as 44% more invasive cancers. The studies gathered data from nearly half a million patients, making it the most comprehensive to date.

“We take pride in offering the latest technology in early detection of breast cancer, especially when we see such a drastic increase in results” said Dr. Go. “The benefits of using 3D Mammography are backed by some very impressive statistics.”

One of the drawbacks of using traditional 2D mammograms is being able to accurately see the overlapping tissue within the breast. The use of 3D Mammography allows the radiologist the ability to see the breast layer by layer in fine detail, in all types of breasts.

“The technology is valuable to women of all breast densities, and in the long run will be most valuable in that sub-group of patients with very dense breasts,” said Dr. Go.

Another benefit of using 3D mammography is the reduction in the false-positive recall rate. Waiting for the results of a mammogram can be a tense experience for many woman. According to the JAMA study, recall testing decreased by 16%.

“The numbers are very compelling and they make us feel really good about offering 3D mammography,” Dr. Go said. “We really are helping women detect breast cancer early and saving lives.”

In attendance at the ribbon cutting ceremony were (left to right) Ajay Munjal M.D., Congressman Frank LoBiondo, Chairperson for the Vineland Downtown Improvement District Board of Directors Louise Bertacchi, Vineland Mayor Ruben Bermudez, Steven Rothfarb M.D., Cumberland County Clerk Gloria Noto, Cumberland County Freeholder James Sauro, S.A. Desai MD, Kirit Parmar M.D., and Sunita Giyanani, M.D.

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