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These are Most Inspiring Fitness Babes to Follow on Instagram in 2018

Need more motivation? All the motivation you need to get in shape and stay there. Follow this fitness babes.

01. Anna Nystrom:

image credits: @annanystrom

ANNA NYSTRÖM Influencer from Sweden Health • Fitness • Travel.

02. Badasscass:

image credits: @badasscassfit_

HEALTH | FITNESS | LIFESTYLE 🌎 ✎ ✧ vpx sports | ryderwear athlete ⋮ youtube | badasscass fit a happier, healthier.

03. Cassandra Martin:

image credits: @casssmartin

Cassandra Martin Health • Fitness • Travel.

04. Kathy Martinez:

image credits:

kathy Martinez By@cambiosjuliofitness 👱ModelFitness 💪Coach online 📩📑Meal Plans.

05. Kaisa Keranen:

image credits: @kaisafit

Kaisa Keranen M.S. Exercise Science | NASM-PES

06. Katy Hearn:

image credits: @katyhearnfit

KATY HEARN Bite Meals🍴 Alani Nu🌴 i’m super married i’m super pregnant.

07. Aline Barreto:

image credits: @alinebarreto_oficial

Aline Barreto 🔹10xChampion wellness 🏆👸 🔹BI-CHAMPION#ArnoldClassic🏆🏆 🔹Athlete @protan_official🇺🇸.

08. Claudia Bonavoglia:

image credits: @claudiabonavoglia

Cláudia Boaventura Bonavoglia Lifestyle📍BH (31)98463-4976 . Parcerias🔜DIrect CONSULTORIA ONLINE DE TREINO TEAMBONAVOGLIA Marido/treinador.

09. Sonia Isaza:

image credits: @niaisazaoficial

Sonia Isaza 🇨🇴 Colombiana 💊 Nitrofitoficial 💪🏾@elixirexotico 👻 Niaisaza1 🚫 No Twitter 👯 Niaisaza2

10. Valeria Orsini:

image credits: @valeria_orsini

valeria_orsini Colombian💛 Italian❤ PuertoRican💙🍃@BodybyOrsini 👻

11. Suzanne Svanevik:

image credits: @suzannesvanevik

Suzanne Svanevik 22 • Norway ❥ Influencer ❥ Bergen Performance Center 🏋🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️ ❥ Women’s Best ❥ ❥ Njie LIVE • LOVE • LIFT ♥️

12. Tayler Rose:

image credits: @misstaylerrose

Tayler Rose MAGNUM♥POPEYES♥GIVEAWAYS CrossPowerBuildingWoman 🤸🤹 🏋 335-209-385 🏋

13. Bakhar Nabieva:

image credits: @bakharnabieva

Бахар Набиева @dragonpharma_llc athlete. My goals don’t stop for anyone .Either you support me or I make it happen alone,either way it’s going to happen🇺🇦🇦🇿

14. Paola Usme:

image credits: @paolausme

Paola Usme Barbie 💕 Atleta @muscleologysports Ropa deportiva @ritualcollection Nuevo video

15. Kiki Vhyce:

image credits: @kikivhyce

KIKI VHYCE 🇦🇺📍Melb, AUS | Bodybuilding BLACKSTONE LABS Athlete DOHERTYS GYM GlamfitBikinis BlingCompJewelry @hairwithenvy @theshoefairy ONLINE COACHING + DIETS ⤵

16. Wioletta Pawluk:

image credits: @wioletta_pawluk

💪🏼Fitness🇵🇱 Interior Designer/Architect👷🏼‍♀️📐 Artist🎨 Fitness Influencer Made in Poland🇵🇱 💊@Dynamikmuscle (wio15) 🏋🏼@Doyoueven (wio10)

17. Laci Kay Somers:

image credits: @lacikaysomers

Laci Kay Somers 🎤Recording Artist 👻LaciKaySomersXo 👈🏼NEW SNAPCHAT 🎥YouTube: LaciKaySomers 📲Manager: NEW Music video #Bad🔥👇🏻

18. Devan Statler:

image credits: @devanstatler

Devan Statler Snapchat @devan_ess.

19. Minna Pajulahti:

image credits: @minnapajulahti

Minna Pajulahti Ifbb Pro IFBB Pro🔹Pro Elite /Elite Academy coach/Pro maker X5 🔹Gladiator Barbi 🔹Powerlifter/ Worldrecord Holder🏆Raw1168lbs: 440/275/453 📧

20. Massy Arias:

image credits: @massy.arias

MankoFit 🇩🇴 CREATOR OF #MA30DAY || @Target #C9 @Covergirl || @Trusupplements

21. Janna Breslin:

image credits: @jannabreslin

Janna Breslin 🌎 San Diego, CA. wife | 4x fitness cover model | 6x bikini champ holistic nutritionist | personal trainer

22. Christmas Abbott:

image credits: @christmasabbott

Christmas : Badass Body Life 💊Supplements @bournrelentless 📚Lifestyle @badassbodydiet 📲Nutrition @canutrition 👏FREE WEEK of Workouts.

23. Narmin Assria:

image credits: @missnarmin

Narmin Assria 🎀IFBB BIKINI PRO Oddo Angel 8xOlympian BPI Athlete ‘MISSNARMIN’ BetterBodies ‘NARMIN10’ 8xBikini Pro Champ Online Coach/Posing Coach

24. Cornelia Ritzke:

image credits: @corneliaritzke

🌸CORNELIA.RITZKE🌸 🌐GN Laboratories Athlete 🆕 10% sparen auf alle Supps bei mit code ‚RITZKE10‘ 👚BARBOZA 💪PERSONAL TRAINER.

25. Ana Cozar: 

image credits: @espana927

Ana Cozar IFBB TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS ↗️ Ryderwear athlete code -10% “espana10”

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