PET / CT Scan

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Why do you need a PET/CT?

PET / CT Scan Your physician ordered this test because a PET/CT scan is valuable diagnosing your potential health problem. Should a disease be detected, the information provided by this examination will help medical professionals prescribe the best possible course of treatment.

A PET/CT helps physicians predict the likely outcome of various therapeutic alternatives, prescribe the best approach to treatment, and more accurately monitor your progress. PET/CT scans are used to evaluate:

• Non-invasive evaluation of lung nodules
• Accurate location of lesions and identification of benign versus malignant lesions
• Information to help stage cancer and plan treatments
• Accurate detection of coronary artery disease
• Metabolic brain imaging for dementia
• Ability to monitor effectiveness of treatment
• Ability to detect metastatic bone disease with Sodium Fluoride

What will it be like?
After taking your complete medical history, an IV catheter is placed in your arm and your blood sugar is monitored as the radioactive isotope is injected over a 60 minute period. You can recline, and depending on your exam, watch television or read. Once the injection has circulated in your body you will empty your bladder in the restroom. You will be placed on the scanning table where your images will take between 25 to 60 minutes. The new Somatom Perspective 64-slice Multi-Detector CT (MDCT) scanner from Siemens delivers high-quality images with both speed and accuracy, while delivering an ultra low radiation dose, when compared to other scanners.

Brain Scans: Patients are instructed to remain quiet and still for 30 minutes in a dark room prior to the exam.

Pet Bone Scans: Patients are instructed to hydrate and walk around for 60 minutes prior to scanning. There is no preparation for this scan.

Cardiac Pet: Patients are imaged shortly after injection.

PET/CT Patient Preparation:
• Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to your exam – you can drink water.
• 24 hours prior – Please maintain a low carbohydrate diet limiting pastas, potatoes, cereals, soda (including diet sodas) and fruit. You can eat vegetables and proteins, including chicken, eggs and salad.
• Please wear comfortable clothing free of zippers and metal. Please do not wear underwire bras.

PET/CT Patient Preparation – Special Instructions for Diabetics:
• If you are diabetic and your appointment is in the morning, your blood sugar must be below 200 to perform a PET/CT scan. You can take prescription medicine with water.
• If your appointment is later in the day, please eat a high protein meal 4 hours prior to your appointment and take your medication as normal.

Please bring your photo ID, Prescription, Insurance Cards, and previous studies from other facilities (x-rays or ultrasound) for comparison.