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These some Things You Didn’t Know About Jason Statham !

Jason Statham is known for his roles in popular and epic action films, and is typically seen as the go-to action guy. He’s tough, personable, and has a cool guy persona about him that makes it hard not to like him. It seems as if every role he plays more or less embodies the persona of the alpha male tough guy and he never fails to impress.

Not only does Jason Statham perform his own stunts when filming movies, but he is also very athletic and dedicates himself to each role he plays. He comes from humble beginnings and has worked hard his whole life to achieve the success he now has. If you want to hear more about the famous action star, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Jason Statham.

1.Before Jason become a famous celebrity, he actually worked on the streets of London with his father as a street seller. When the two weren’t street selling during the day, Jason’s father was singing and dancing in lounges at night.

2. Before Jason started to pursue acting, he was a model.

3. When Jason auditioned for a role in the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, one of the scenes he had to act out involved selling a piece of fake jewelry. Because of his experience as a street seller growing up, he nailed the audition.

4. In 2008, Jason went to the Playboy Mansion…but got kicked out. He entered the house in just a bathrobe, but absolutely refused to have any pictures taken of him with any of the playboy bunnies. Five security guards were ordered to escort him out of the property, and he never came back to the house again.

5. Jason Statham didn’t get an amazing physique from nothing! When he was younger, he was a world class diver and even won multiple diving competitions in the 90’s. He was also on the national British diving team, and competed in the 10 meter platform event as well as the 3 meter springboard event.

6. Believe it or not, Jason performs his own stunts in movies. Jason is known to play some pretty intense roles that involve lots of action and dangerous scenes. He has a lot of respect for stuntmen and stunt-women and uses the physique he developed as a diver to help him perform his stunts.

7. Although Jason has played multiple roles where he excels as a driver (The Italian Job is one example of this), he actually had to re-take his driver’s test multiple times. Apparently his father had some pretty bad driving habits which Jason picked up on when he was growing up, causing him to fail his driver’s test several times.

8. In 2010, Jason Statham teamed up with reality star Kristin Cavallari at the Coachella music festival in California. He took a golf cart on a joy ride. The two were pulled over by the police but did not get charged. The police simply told them to return the golf cart to where it belonged.

9. Jason almost died while filming The Expendables. While filming a scene in a 3 ton truck, the brakes in the truck gave out and it began plunging into the sea. Jason leaped out of the truck before it hit the water, and because of the swimming skills he had developed from years of diving, he was able to make it out alive.

10. Jason is a man who is completely dedicated and devoted to his craft. While filming the movie Death Race, Jason went on a 3 month diet and exercise regimen. He ate nothing but raw vegetables and lowered his body fat from 20 per cent to 6 per cent.

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