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These Things To Do To Keep Rocking Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans !

We wear denims all the time, mostly as jeans and sometimes as jackets. It’s actually the eat, wear, sleep dress code that we all follow.

But are you sure you’re caring for it right? If you love those expensive pair of jeans, then you need to know how to care for them. Check these out.

01. Avoid using bleach:

You should avoid using bleach on denims because it may lead to whitening of the material. Bleach can destroy the fabric and give your denim a shabby appearance. Apart from this, using bleach can also weaken the fabric. If you want to wash your denim, you should make use of a good detergent powder so that it strengthens the fabric of the denim.

02. Hang your denim:

Store them right. Avoid folding your denims when you keep them in the cupboard or shelf. The right way to treat your denim is you should hang them using a hanger. Hanging denim will help to maintain the look and also retain the fit.

03. Avoid washing them often:

You should avoid washing denims often. Washing them frequently can fade the color of your denim and also affect the quality of the material. If you are washing them, avoid washing denim in the machines. Hand wash is the best way when it comes to denims.

04. Avoid drying them in the sunlight:

You should avoid drying your denim in the sunlight because too much of sunlight is not good for your such types of fabric. Too much sunlight can lead to color fading and also affect the denim fabric. You should dry them under cool breeze, but avoid sunlight as much as possible.

05. Soak your denim in vinegar:

You should soak your denim in vinegar and this is done in order to maintain the original color of your denim. Soaking your denim in vinegar can help to maintain the original color of the denim. Add one cup of distilled white vinegar to a cold water bath and soak your jeans for about an hour. Now hang or lay flat under cool air to dry your denim quickly and retain its original color.

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